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A few more days and version 1.2 will be available!
ServeSpeed version 1.2 is committed to the App Store! Just waiting for Apple to accept.

Most important updates:
- Uses algorithms to calculate your initial serve speed (ISS), which corresponds to the speed shown on TV (previous version only calculated the average speed).
- Calculates the speed at bounce and fall of the ball due to gravity.

I guess there was some confusion about if version 1.0 could already calculate the initial speed. Unfortunately this led to one guy leaving a bad comment in the App Store thinking he could serve harder than 56 miles per hour initial speed while the 56 miles per hour was in fact the average speed, so he did serve a lot harder. I would really appreciate it if some of you guys could mention this in another review in the App Store.

Quite some people asked for reviews, unfortunately not all the people who upvoted the App actually spend a few dollars on buying it.

Thanks to the dedicated player who wrote this in the Finnish App Store:
Kätevä ja toimii paremmin kuin odotin ★★★★

Via google translate I found that it means “Convenient and works better than I expected”!

I assure you, you wont regret your purchase. I would give a 60 day money back guarantee. But apple unfortunately doest offer this.

All I can ask is if you buy it please leave a review here and in the App Store.

In the mean time I’ll keep on working on the SOUND DETECTION functionality! So with a single click you can go the point of contact (racquet hitting the ball). Which will not only save lots of time but also improve the accuracy / human error because of the high sample rate.
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