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Default How many matches has Federer lost when he's had Match Point

He's my Fav player on par with Nadal, but as great as he's been over the last decade i think he's had more tough losses then any other player in tennis history, Wimby 2008, 3 french open Finals in a row, US Open 2009, 2 consecutive US Open semi finals while having 2 match points in each, the list goes on.

Off the top of my head i can think of 4 matches he's lost while having match point and they were all pretty big matches

Australian Open 2005 Semi-final against Safin had match point in the 4th only to lose 7-9 in the fifth after 4 hours and 40 minutes, If he won he would have faced Hewitt in the final, Fed demolished hewitt at the 2004 US Open 6-0 7-6 6-0 , this was the last slam before this Australian Open and I'd bet my House Fed would have taken the trophy had he got to the final.

US Open 2010-2011 Semi-Finals vs Djokovic both times, he had Matchpoints in both matches and lost in both of them! He may have a mental block against Nadal but i believe he would have won at least one of the finals had he got through, winning 5 in a row i don't think i'd be wrong on that.

Rome 2006 Final vs Nadal, 5 hour long match lost when having 2-3 match points and playing out of his mind.
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