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Default Forehand Videos - Advice Welcome!

I took advantage of some 60 degrees temps here in Denver to get outside for the third time of 2013. I'm still shaking off the winter rust a bit, but felt like a (mostly) forehand session on the ball machine.

Here's the backstory: The forehand I'm hitting is about two years old. I always played with the classic forehand, usually closed stance and typically finishing by catching the racquet in my left hand. A couple years ago I had enough of sailing balls long here at 5,280 feet above sea level and decided I needed more spin and consistency. I took one lesson last year, but for the most part have just watched a lot of videos on these boards and Youtube (plus Lock 'n Roll and FYB - thanks guys) and cobbled this forehand together.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it for how long I've been working on it, but I'm always looking to improve it. I'm not great at identifying things to work on from video, but here's what I can tell from when I'm hitting. #1 - when I hit the ball out in front, good things happen. #2 - I have a tendency to watch where I plan to hit, and don't see the ball into the racquet. When that happens, I let the ball get in too close, so this has a direct effect on #1.

So feel free to critique anything you think I could work on:

Video #1:
Video #2:

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