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Originally Posted by Ashley D View Post
Thanks Ollinger. Yeah, I'd probably add some tail weight to make it more head light. I'm coming back from a significant knee injury, so I'm thinking I'm gonna need a little more help from my racquet than I used to. Sounds like the Donnay will give me that. I hit with a full western on the forehand so hopefully the spin and some Big Hitter Blue Rough will reign in the control. I'll keep it on my list.
Just received mine.
Rain and, an injured knee k
Are stopping my review I have served with mine and,
Was happy with that part. My volleys are sound so, I will be able
To give an accurate assessment on that.
So give me a little time.
Just as a reference I use a Pro Kennex KI 15 Pse if, you check out the power levels they, are similar. The P K came in 14 grms over spec. Placing it at 12oz
Which makes it too heavy for me now at 65. The Donnay comes in at 1o.2 oz with an over grip and damper.
Plenty of room to play with weight. Just a note the Donnay came in 8.5 grms under spec

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