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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I just strung a head radical after string the mains it was compressed 5/16" stringing multi @ 56 lbs. After string the poly crosses @ 53 lbs it finished up 1/16" short. That is with normal tightening of the racket without stretching the frame to begin with.
Yes, and it wasn't until recently that a stringer did that to my twin tube radical tours. Also, when I bought them about 6 years ago, I opted to have them strung before they were shipped and when they arrived they were quite circular. At the time I didn't know they weren't supposed to be like that.

But like I said, a recent string job left one of my radicals pretty compressed. I have seen that you and others have talked about stretching racquets in other threads, but I can not find a thread/post devoted on explaining how to do it properly. If it's out there and I missed it, I apologize. I am a visual learner though, so if there could be a video made about this I wouldn't complain . All your other videos have been very helpful Irvin, thank you
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