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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Nadal is far greater than Evert and Graf. Neither of those 2 ever dominated a slam as much as Nadal did. 7 Roland Garros titles in 8 years, and several more to come. Nadal is a lock at Roland Garros. You heard it here first.
Hahahah wow. I can't believe how incredibly ignorant people are of past tennis great's achievements. Chris Evert has more slams than even Federer himself, a number Nadal could only dream of. Evert won 6 US opens and 7 french opens. Thats more than Nadals number of slams alone. She also has won the YEC 4 times, something Nadal has never done. She was also year end no.1 for 7 years, how many times has Nadal done that?
I won't even bother comparing Graf to Nadal.
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