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Hahahah wow. I can't believe how incredibly ignorant people are of past tennis great's achievements. Chris Evert has more slams than even Federer himself, a number Nadal could only dream of. Evert won 6 US opens and 7 french opens. Thats more than Nadals number of slams alone. She also has won the YEC 4 times, something Nadal has never done. She was also year end no.1 for 7 years, how many times has Nadal done that?
I won't even bother comparing Graf to Nadal.
Not only that but had everyone played the Australian and French Opens in the 70s she would have around 25 slams today. Had Navratilova not existed and everyone played the Australian and French in the 70s she would have about 35 slams. She won atleast 1 slam every year for 13 years, a record nobody is remotedly close to, including even the 1920s players who had no competition at all. She reached something like 35 slam semis in a row, and everyone she played since debuting in her first slam in 1971 until losing at Wimbledon early while ill in 1983. Evert is undoubtably the most consistent player ever, man or women, with the greatest longevity of peak or near peak play ever, man or women. She probably still isnt the GOAT since her peak level of play is still not as high as some others, but her consistency and longevity of top level tennis is quite amazing.
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