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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
Sampras had plenty better performances than that final, which is overrated. agassi got 44% of his first serves in that day. If Sampras was in such killer form, he would be able to break him MORE than 3 times in 15 return games, regardless of how comfortable he was on serve. He'd be able to do it in his sleep considering how well he was supposedly playing, and given how poorly Dre was serving. I think if Fed was having a good serving day he'd have an excellent chance versus this Sampras. Moreover, although he was characteristically dominant on the first serve, Pete lost more points on his second serve than he won. Pretty tame for such a legendary display.

I've seen the match plenty of times and while it was a good/great performance, it was nowhere near the pinnacle of tennis excellence.
Originally Posted by zagor View Post
I think Pete's 1999 YEC F performances against Agassi is better (by a solid margin) than his 1999 Wimbledon F performance actually, just my impression of his level of play in both matches (I didn't compare stats or something so I don't know how accurate my opinion is).
*finally* a few point this out ..that performance is over-rated beyond belief ....

that wasn't even pete's best performance on grass, IMO that would be the wimbledon QF vs stich in 92 ...I wonder how many of the so called die-hard pete fans even saw that performance !?

and yes , 99 YEC final was a bit better than the wimbledon 99 final

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