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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
DOn't give up on Prince just yet. They might have something in the future that will appeal to you as right now they are restructuring and coming up with new models.

That being said, the C10 Pro is a great racquet and well worth a demo. It has good power, tons of feel and control and plays silky smooth. The grip shape is very different to Prince, so that will likely be an adjustment.

It does offer a flexible response, but unlike other flexy racquets, the C10 Pro also offers good power. The combination of a comfortable and smooth flexible feel and the power are what I think make it a special racquet.

Chris, TW

Sounds good, nice with a real frame from Prince again, thanks Chris
Well, the Rebel 95 was nice but I don´t like 18*20.

Both the c10 pro and the Power Bridge 10 Mid is on sale here in Europe.
Can you please compere the two and tell me why you choose to go with the bridge?

I´m a bit worried about a 93sq/in head...?

I have good skills in all my shots and play a very versitale game where I mix it up a lot.

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