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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Dave is a good man, have had many discussions with him on the tips forum. Have read his book several times now. Your excerpt is meaningless to what you are trying to do, keep some passed by dream alive.

Dave is talking to every kid tennis player and their parents. If you want to be a pro, go for it. Train with proper technique and dream of the pros.

However nothing changes. Once a kid trains solely for tennis for 10-12 years, we know just about the level of tennis they are capable of. Most players who follow Dave's advice will fail, almost all of them, but Dave knows that as well as anyone.

But enjoy that last year or so of your game, then move onto your exit strategy explanation as to why the grand plan failed. But the real explanation is simple.....each person has a tennis ability ceiling if they train full time for 12 years, and a select few's ceiling is in the money. Your player's ceiling is obviously below that level.

Some day you will realize that instead of investing all that hard work into tennis, you should have gone with football or baseball. If the goal is to make money in a sport rather than pay for college, tennis was your worst option by far with the lowest percentage chance of success.
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