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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Really? People die from smoke inhalation yet some people thought that inhaling cigarette smoke was good for you? I guess there are always going to be dumb people in the world who actually think inhaling smoke is good for you or that using stiff poly strings is not bad for you.

BTW, billions of people smoked. Not nearly enough people use poly strings to play tennis to warrant or pay for a scientific study. Just like it's not necessary to conduct a scientific study to prove that cutting off a person's arm will cause them to bleed.
I love your logic. There can't possibly be a study on this, therefore, my opinion is correct.

And your arm cutting-off example is completely different (obviously). You can see someone get cut and then watch the blood come out immediately after, clearly pointing to the blood being a result of the cut. Tendon injuries come about gradually (unless they're acute from sudden trauma) and cannot be seen. They are different for everyone, take varying amounts of time to manifest themselves, and everyone who gets them is doing many other things during that time. It's something that has to be studied to determine the real root cause. Since it hasn't been studied, you can't just claim your opinion as fact, and then cite the same anecdotal evidence over and over again.

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