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Originally Posted by Clay lover View Post
Nadal, Djokovic, Murray-Everything. It's amazing how much they have upped their game since they first burst onto the scene. I think members of the top four really motivated each other to improve. They're already on a level of their own, but to be able to make a breakthrough even the slightest improvement will make a huge difference. I guess every single member of the big four has been aware of that, and they really worked their asses off to be able to beat each other.
Well, its true that they improved everything about their games, but we are talking about clear weaknesses. Nadal's backhand was horrendous when he first showed up. He improved it a lot. Especially in 2007-2008. Ditto for his serve.

Murray improved his forehand a lot over the past year.

Djokovic has really improved his forehand by a huge margin. If you watch some of his matches from 2005-2006, it used to be a powderpuff shot.
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