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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Well here's my iffy backhand, mostly topsin with a few slices thrown in--

It's an ok shot when I can time it right,but I have some trouble controlling both vertical trajectory and L/R placement, and it tends to be late against incoming pace. So I end up reverting to slice as a default in matches and using the topspin mainly for passing shots or when I have lots of time to prepare.

Looking at this video I think I probably need more knee bend, more rotation into the shot, and more efficient/consistent footwork and prep. Maybe a higher takeback as well. I felt like the backhands I hit at 2:41 and 2:44 were a a little more like what I should be going for. Any comments welcome...
You're letting go of the throat too soon.

Use your left hand to drop the rackethead below the ball and only let go once you start with the forward swing. Compare with this vid:

The link jumps to the relevant section, but you should watch the whole video. (You can also find a 2-part series by this same guy, which is good.) Make sure you understand the "power position" concept.

On the forward swing, let your shoulders pull your arm and racket forward.

It also helps to straighten your arm earlier in the swing, before you let go. You'll get a more consistent and powerful swing pretty quickly that way.
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