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Sorry, been out of town for a few days.

Played with my nat gut at 30 against my favorite person (whom I strung with Technifibre Red Code 18 at 30) in the frozen north.

Yes, the poly setup still feels stiff. I like the syn gut much better. Very comfortable with no effects on the arm at all. I would recommend going that route. The only down side I have seen from the syn gut is a lot of string movement.

Natural gut has the same feel as the syn gut with much less string movement. But try the syn gut first, was less expensive.

Meat, I did hit a pretty flat ball before ELT, and if needed, I can still hit a flat ball with 30#. I just have to watch how much power I out into it.

As others have mentioned, ELT has helped me hone my shot mechanics and improve my game. Part of the improvement comes from the addition of spin, but there is also improvement from hitting the ball better. You don't have to use as much power to get results.

As far as the ball slowing down, I have not seen that at all. It may be a little slower until it hits the court, but then it ricochets with more speed than I ever saw on any of my flat shots when I was at high tension.

Hope this helps.
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