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Many whom i've played with commented that i already have very heavy spin with multi and syn gut at 60+lbs. I don't normally hit flat.

With full poly strung at 40-50s, i felt there was less spin than full multi or poly hybrid. I had to smack at the ball VERY hard to get enough bite to generate spin. It is the same for textured or shaped full poly as well.

My last experiment with full poly was at 38/36. (Details in my blog) There was immense comfort but very little spin.

With full syn gut at 30lbs, that was the MOST amount of spin i have ever generated. So much that sometimes the ball curls into my side of the net from the baseline with a full swing! And i was already aiming to clear the net by at least 4-5 ft! Nothing i have tried came close in spin prowess, not even kevlar nor poly hybrids. Flat shots were good too but directional control is slightly less than normal tensions.

Just to satisfy my curiousity, I just strung up another racket with full poly at 32 lbs. I'll update my blog when i've had a chance to play.
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