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Originally Posted by Venetian View Post
Again, you keep saying this is obvious, when to me and many others it is not. I know plenty of people that have played for years with poly and have no arm issues. I also know numerous people who use synthetic gut in flexible heavy frames and wear arm braces. If poly is so harmful, why do so many people use it with no ill effects? And why do so many people not use it and still suffer from arm injuries? Could it be because there are other underlying issues? Examples include: stiff racquets, light racquets, muscle imbalances, improper technique, etc...
Yeah, and I know plenty of people who have smoked for years and have no health issues. I guess that must mean that smoking is completely safe?

Sure, other things may cause arm problems. But all else being equal, using a stiff string like poly will be worse for your arm than a soft string will. Just like being hit in the arm with something stiff is going to hurt you more than being hit with something soft.
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