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Originally Posted by Venetian View Post
Why do companies make "softer" poly strings? I'll give you three reasons.

1. Because some people like a softer feeling string. Not having anything to do with injury prevention.

2. They market them to people who already have arm issues and still want to play with poly.

3. Because people believe without sufficient evidence that poly is harmful, and their marketing department has found a way to sell them a product.
"soft poly string" is an oxymoron. No matter how "soft" they market a poly string, it is still much stiffer than a soft multi or natural gut.

It does have to do with injury prevention. I'm not talking about soft poly strings. I'm talking about soft multi strings which manufacturers market as being "arm friendly". Have you ever heard of any string companies promoting people to switch from a soft multi string to a poly string because the poly is more arm friendly? No, the opposite is what they do.
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