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Originally Posted by Mulach View Post
All in all I find the speed pro to be more forgiving, precise, easier to control and provide more pop than the prestige pro. Just as the specs and power maps indicate.
Hard not to love the above! On paper at least, it seems to be the ideal racquet for me. I love the TWU data on the sweetspot size - seems to be much bigger than the IGPP - in fact way up there with Extreme Pro 2.0, and certainly bigger than the G-MP. I also really like the idea that the G-Pro is whippier. My IGPP is a touch more slugglish than I'd like.

I don't fully understand what the feeling of playing with a polarized racquet is like – if anyone wants to give me an idea that would be cool.

Generally agree with above comments about the G-MP. It was really easy to play with, but after my headlight IGPP I felt that the weight distribution seemed too focussed in the handle and the tip, and consequently the throat was a touch too lightweight. I know this is the basic idea with the new Graphene construction, but I'm hoping the more headlight G-Pro will feel more headlight like my IGPP. Certainly the specs at 6pts hl suggest that will be the case.
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