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Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
they were criticized, and rightfully so, for not being able to win a Slam in otherwise excellent season. So? If Wozniacki won a Slam in 2010 or 2011 it would have been a season for the ages.
No, she would have lived up to her career task.

Without a Slam those two seasons are merely very, very good. What's your point?
No, without a major, the seasons in question are irrelevant--like that of the other major-less #1 players.

Plus neither of those players are from US. It was simply very convenient to criticize those players.
Nonsense. Nationality had nothing to do with the criticism, much it had nothing to do with non-American Federer criticizing Jankovic. He--like everyone else--would have said the same thing no matter the player's country of origin.

Plus if Federer or a governing body feels it is unfair for a player to hold #1 ranking without a Major win - then perhaps they should do something about it. Like make a rule that you can't be #1 without a Slam. Until than - you get #1 ranking for having the most points - and rightfully so.
So, instead of acknowledging that the idea of a major-less #1 is a joke and/or shame--and such a player should simply live up to the main purpose of a pro tennis player in earning said major, its now up to Federer, and others to create a rule--which at its end is a dodge to avoid the how and why losers such as Wozniacki lack the talent to win majors.

The level of twisting you engage in to protect Wozniacki is laughable.

I'm still waiting - could you rank those four players I presented stats of?
You were playing a game of one, when the point--your point--was defending Wozniacki over those who won a major:

Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
yap, because wining a slam truly cements one's legacy. As proven by:


Are you suggesting that these players are/were better than Wozniacki?
This is your argument. Stick to it and prove how a player (with the ultimate end result of the work you credit her for was a hollow, criticized #1 position) is superior to those who won the most important, defining prize in the sport.

No more dancing.
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