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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
Some good ones:

1997 AusOpen SF against Muster and Final against Moya.
1996 US OPEN Final against Chang.
1993 US OPEN QF against Chang.
1997 Wimbledon QF against Becker.
1995 Wimbledon Final against Becker.
1997 WTF Final against Kafelnikov.
1997 Cincinnati Final against Muster.
1999 Cincinnati SF against Agassi.
1999 Wimbledon Final against Agassi.
1999 WTF Final against Agassi.
1996 WTF Final against Becker.
1994 WTF SF against Agassi and Final against Becker.
1994 Miami Final against Agassi.
1995 Indian Wells Final against Agassi.
1995 Australian Open QF against Courier.
1996 Roland Garros QF against Courier.
2000 Wimbledon Final against Rafter.
1997 Davis Cup against Rafter.
1995 Davis Cup final against Kafelnikov.
2002 US OPEN QF against Roddick.
2001 US OPEN QF against Agassi.
2002 US OPEN Final against Agassi.

There are so much more...but I am already tired.

In youtube there are highlights of many of these matches and more...

There were so many other great players from that time that you missed. You should check them also...
that's awesome. I'll start working my way through these. From the little bit of him that i saw this weekend, the man looked like a force of nature. watching pete there are times when you just wonder how the hell did this guy EVER get his serve broken?!?

thanks again.
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