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I'm in no doubt that the OP is strong enough to swing and play with any racquet. I genuinely think we forget about those heavy wooden racquets that were standard back in the day.

But getting the right feel is important. I am of average build and average strength, but I do prefer a bit of weight on my racquet. I have found that a weight of around 325g is about right to get a nice solid feeling and easy access to power on my groundies, but manouvrable enough at the net and on serve to not wear my arm out too much.

I do like playing with a 350g racquet on occasion but after a couple of sets my serve starts to tail off a bit.

So to the OP, try a few racquets of reasonable weight and see which feels the best to you. I would say to go as heavy as you can, but light enough to whip it around if you need to.
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