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I've seen this video before and actually like his delivery however I think the kids is a bit clueless as to what RL is really trying to say, I think its a bit above him but he will eventually get it which is fine. He'll do as RL tells him but won't grasp the whole concept, full meaning of whats being taught until later on but that happens often.

What I like is that, like him or not, RL has his own way of coaching and even though he may seem to come across as arrogant to some or opinionated he stands by his beliefs and demands discipline from his students which I think is great.
This is a good example:

I think this is lacking in a lot of coaching these days. Its more of an old school method but I believe from the way a lot of junior players act on court, be it in tournaments or training that discipline and respect is really lacking.
I think you gotta show the players you mean business and are not there to **** away time. You can have fun, enjoy yourself but theres a time to work and listen and learn. Robert to me puts out an image on the court that he's someone you don't half *** around with and if you do he won't be afraid to let you know. This in turn will show greater respect from the player and add a bit of distance where its needed to keep the player/coach relationship honest and professional.
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