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Originally Posted by Valdez737 View Post
yea lol so many times he lost with multiple match points or when he had a huge lead like Delpo match at the us open final. Thats match he never should of lost.
He never had MP's in that match. He was 2 points away at 6-5 30-30 with Delpo serving in the 4th set.

He lost 5 matches in 1 year in 2010 when he had MP's. Those matches were to Baghdatis in IW, Berdych in Miami, Hewitt in Halle(??, not sure about this one, may have been Gulbis in Rome), Djokovic at the USO, and Monfils in Paris Of course, he also lost to Safin at the 05 AO and Djokovic at the 2011 US Open. Those are the ones I know off the top of my head.

I don't know of many matches where he's saved MP's and won. The only ones I can think of are the 2003 TMC RR match against Agassi and the one against Olivier Rochus in Halle in 2006. Federer is very good at not letting it get to the point where he has to save a MP or more in order to win. Unfortunately, sometimes he's not the best at closing the deal, as evidenced above. But I could also name you just as many matches where he "should've" lost and ended up winning. But people like to focus on the negative because he's expected to win anyway. And he makes it look easy most of the time so people forget how hard it really is to do what he does consistently.
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