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Originally Posted by underground View Post
2011 Madrid against F.Lopez? Think he was down 5-6 in the final set tiebreak.
This is correct. Just watching a highlight video right now for confirmation

So, so far we have 9 matches that he's lost while having MP(s).

vs haas AO 2002
vs safin AO 2005
vs gasquet MC 2005
vs nadal rome 2006
vs baghdatis IW 2010
vs berdych miami 2010
vs djokovic USO 2010
vs monfils paris 2010
vs djokovic USO 2011

And 5 that he's won while saving MP's:

vs Agassi TMC RR 2003
vs Verkerk Paris 2003
vs Rochus Halle 2006
vs Roddick TMC 2006
vs Lopez Madrid 2011

Excuse this if you don't want to see a boring list full of possibilities, but I'm just looking through his career matches now on the ATP website, and I've found a match against Albert Costa in Miami in 2003 that he lost that went to 9-7 in a 3rd set breaker. I would image he lost MP(s) in that one. He also has had really tight matches against Gaudio, Roddick, and Scott Draper in the summer of 2003, and another match against Lopez in Madrid in 2003 that might go into one of these lists. A close loss to Ljubicic in Basel 2003. A match against Davy in Miami 2004. Karlovic in Gstaad 2004, Hrbaty in Cincy 2004, Berdych at the Olympics,

I'm trying to remember if he had MP(s) against Tsonga in Canada in 2009. I think he did since he blew the match after being up 5-1 in the final set, but I'm not sure.
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