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Just decided on this stick on a hunch and I am glad I did. One of the few rackets that really reward you for swinging out. I have mine strung with the free hurricane feel at 40lbs. Which for as crazy dense as the string pattern is really doesn't feel all that low. I can only imagine what it feels like strung 55+.

I was wondering if any one had tried this frame with a thin poly at 30lbs or lower. I feel this would be a frame that is pretty string sensitive. I absolutely love the frame, with the exception on serve and a bit of flutter outside the sweetspot. So I am thinking with an 18g poly at about 30lbs, plus the addition of about 2-4grams of lead at 3-9 or 10-2, would take care of that. The balance is something that I want to keep as low as possible without weighing the static weight to much (right now stock with OG at 12.1oz). Would two grams be enough to sure everything up in your experience? Also would the lead be better placed at 3-9 or 10-2?
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