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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I agree with the points you've made as they mirror what I'm trying to say. As with all string set-ups, players need to understand what they want from the strings they choose and how it fits into their game, but also how it works in their rqts. This is the same reason why people choose the rqts they do based on their playing style.

If someone wants a spin set-up I wouldn't recommended a multi/poly. That set-up would work well for a player hitting flat(ter), although the poly cross will help with a bit of spin. It'll also work well in denser string patterns, but not exclusively.

In short (and not sure if you have this phrase in USA), but it's horses for courses; and going back to a previous post I quoted, just because 1 set-up doesn't work under certain circumstances it shouldn't be dismissed.



And no, that's not a typically American phrase, although I am partial to using "swings and roundabouts"
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