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Originally Posted by JSouza View Post
Yeah I thought it was great and totally justified. He saw the pain, mental and emotional, that Nadal went through at Wimbledon, then missing the olympics and so on, not knowing if he'd ever be back. It was a nice moment.
It was indeed. Rafa is so close with his family and they are the only ones who know what he's gone through the past eight months, all the disappointments and withdrawals and pain and work and rehab and hopes and dreams. I'm glad his father was there to share this moment with him.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
It's all irrelevant. There's a new interpretation of the rule and you are not the time keeper. Nadal just has to play a tiny bit faster.
True. Overall I think Rafa has done very well the past couple of weeks adapting to this rule change. His opponents have been penalized more often than he has. I don't mind him having a hissy fit with the umpire during his match though. It happens so seldom and invariably it fires him up and he becomes unbeatable. Don't **** Rafa off!!!
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