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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
I don't believe anything this guy is saying, this is a TROLL post. Public courts are used by pros to give lessons everywhere I've ever lived or traveled.

I know in Phoenix, pros are not allowed to use public courts to teach lessons. I don't know if there are signs posted to that effect.

I believe there are a couple locations where the park has hired a pro to teach clinics (free), but at those locations, the signs are posted 24/7 with the times and court numbers.

I voted the first option, but that's not exactly how I feel. My option wasn't there.

I firmly believe in first come/first served for public courts. With the caveat that the Park Rules are followed. If there are time limits, no teaching pros allowed, etc.

Given that I probably wouldn't have forced my way on the court, but I would follow up with the Parks department to find out if this pro is breaking the rules and reported him.
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