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Originally Posted by colan5934 View Post
Mikeler, I apologize if this has been asked before. I'm battling some shoulder tendonitis, and I'm looking for a cross string that will soften the bed and still provide a little bit of spin. I'll be using Tour Bite 1.20 mains. I'm thinking of keeping the tension the same at 56 all around. I've tried stringing lower with a syn gut cross, and the control doesn't remain the same, and with a syn gut cross at 56, I still have a good deal of pain after matches. I don't want to drop a lot of cash on gut, but I'd like a softer multi. I was thinking maybe Thunderblast or MCS? Any other suggestions? I'm using a Pure Storm with a leather grip and 2 overgrips and lead at 3 and 9. Total weight is 11.6 oz.
First off, how about trying the new Tour Bite Soft that just came out? Second, I would suggest lowering the tension of your poly quite a bit. If you are D2, I'm sure you are hitting harder than me but I think it is still worth a shot. When I used the Pure Storm Tour, it seemed like high 40s was a good tension for me.

As for the cross string question, MCS will be the softest but Tour Bite is pretty sharp from what I remember just feeling it. It may chew through the MCS too quickly for your needs. The white Thunder Blast is softer than the black, so that might be "the one" to try.

My favorite multis are listed in order in Post #1 of this thread, so any of those top ones may also be candidates, I have just never tried them as crosses. I was hoping to try out Babolat NvY and Discho Microfibre crosses with Weiss Cannon B5E mains but I'm starting to get some tennis elbow again so that may have to wait.
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