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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
as i said before there's no need to think. you're over-complicating my argument and putting words in my mouth. it's technique. are you telling me fed and djoko's rotation doesn't stop in the vid i posted? there's no constricting. did you even watch the vids i posted? it's explained in there how it works. Yea... i'm the only one on this forum talking about kinetic chain... ok.
Here's yet an other video:

It does provide plenty of evidence to support Cheetah's advice regarding a three-step rotation which pauses when facing the net. The player begins to rotate his spine again when his racket side upper arm hits his chest (in more technical terms, there's a combination of internal rotation and protraction which brings the upper arm as far as it can without the player to rotate).

Basically, you should aim at facing the net AT contact and allow yourself to rotate PAST contact and it shouldn't be hard because your chest will be in your arm's way during the follow-through, unless you move.
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