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Just looked it up. Borg has the record for consecutive sets won not accounting for surface as far as I can tell. Didn't check for Laver or anyone before him, and I'm not exactly answering one of the questions, but I thought it was interesting.

Borg won 39 sets in a row between the WCT Invitational, and Las Vegas in 1980 on a combination of clay, HC, and carpet. John McEnroe has 35 consecutive sets won, as well as another streak of 30 in 1984. Federer has 29 consecutive sets won, and Nadal has 28. Djokovic's longest streak as far as I can tell is 18.

And I believe Nadal holds the record for most consecutive sets won on a surface.

EDIT: If I haven't missed anyone, I believe Borg holds this record as well. 39 in a row.
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