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To claim that two Kremlin Cup wins (by Myskina) are somehow comparable to two Premier Mandatory wins (by Wozniacki: Indian Wells and Bejing) is simply not correct.
No they were better. I already pointed out the wins Myskina had to win such tournaments which Wozniacki didnt come close to as far as the caliber of opponents she beat to win any tournament. Wozniacki would never be beating prime Henin, prime Davenport, and prime Mauresmo to win tournaments, so that alone already makes Myskina's better.

How does Nalbandian has a way better career than Wozniacki?

YEC >>>>>> anything Wozniacki ever won, as I reminded you numerous times Woz was not only too poor a player to win a slam, but even too poor to win any of the next biggest tournaments (like the YEC) after a slam.

Semis or better of all 4 slams vs Wozniacki who has an abysmal record at 2 of the 4 slams.

Was by far a bigger threat to the top players of his era, heck he has an 8-11 record vs the so called GOAT Federer, and winning records vs many of the greatest players of his era.

Hung around the top 6 in the World for about 5 years, something Wozniacki will only manage to do for less than 3 (as it is clear that phase of her career is already over).

As for comparing their top year end rankings dont make me laugh by comparing at mens field of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Roddick, Hewitt, Murray to a womens field of mostly absent with injury (in 2010 and 2011) Serena, part time mostly inactive Clijsters, a pre prime Azarenka, a way past her best Sharapova, Radwanska, Stosur, and Kvitova. You are the only one who thinks Wozniacki would have ever reached the top 5 vs a half decent field. That is proven now when the field merely got a bit better (not much, and is still weak even for WTA standards) and Wozniacki almost immediately dropped to number 11 from number 1 last year.

Plus Wozniacki is still only 22.
LOL lets not pretend even you dont realize the best is already in the past for her.

You yourself posted a link to the thread that discusses Wozniacki vs. Kvitova careers, and there were many people in there that said Wozniacki's career is better.
Check again, Kvitova was killing Wozniacki in the poll, and rightfully so as Kvitova's career >>>>> Wozniacki's, despite how much you want to trump Wozniacki's #1
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