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Originally Posted by Bjorn99 View Post
U have no idea of what you are talking about. Seriously, so I really don't want to get into it with you. Organic steroids do NOT cause prostrate cancer, they in fact prevent it, and every other form of cancer.

They are much, much more expensive than pharmaceutical steroids, and thus all the information you are referring to, refers to synthetics. Organics? Truly the edge, the fountain of youth. And I in fact am on the same blend as five Hollywood actors that keep looking better with age. Whilst the other actors who are unaware of its existence get older and fatter.

If the truth came out about the high end organic stuff, every citizen would want one, and what government wants a bunch of youthful codgers running around collecting old age pension.

The answer? None that I am aware of. So hang out a few token athletes out to dry like Lance, don't test the rest and keep it all a big secret.

You want cancer? And the testosterone levels of an eighty year old at 30? Carry a smart phone around for more than a half hour a day. That is certain leukemia and cancer. Lets call them DUMBPHONES. Cause that is what they are, if you know what they deliver.
You must be talking about synthetic testosterone. That stuff doesn't stay in your body that long. As for cellphones causing leukemia, what are your sources? The most prevalent theory for cellphones causing cancer is through heat causing DNA/other changes when the phone is in active use and pressed against your skin.
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