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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
If Nadal only wins RG, and clay events in general, his CV will become sorely lacking.
Nadal is the only man in world history to win slams on clay, grass and hardcourt in a Calendar Year. It is the most difficult feat a player has ever achieved in a Calendar Year. Also, Nadal has dominated one slam event more than any man has ever dominated a slam event, and that slam event is Roland Garros - Nadal has won it 7 times from 8 attempts. To give you an idea of how special that is, Federer needed 14 attempts to win 7 Wimbledons. Additionally, Nadal is currently tied for the most Masters Shields Titles, and is also tied for the most consecutive slam-winning years. He can take both of those outright. Also, Nadal has spent 102 weeks with the number one ranking, just for good measure, and has finished the year ranked number one in 2008 and 2010. Nadal has won 81 straight matches on clay, the single-surface record. Yet you call all this "a CV sorely lacking"
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