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If at all he wins FO and sucks at others, even if he gets up to 15 majors, it will be a huge gap with respect to Fed, who has such a diverse beautiful resume. But he can be at the level of Sampras.
Federer is not the king of any of the slams. None. The Australian Open leadership is shared by Agassi, Djokovic and Federer. Roland Garros is owned by Nadal, outright. Wimbledon is shared by Sampras and Federer. US Open is shared by several. The only GOAT of a slam event is Nadal. The others are shared. That's a big hole in Federer's CV, the fact he doesn't own a slam event. Also, Nadal has won at least 2 slams on clay, grass and hardcourt. Federer hasn't. Another big hole in the Federer CV. Federer almost doesn't even have the Career Grand Slam. Nadal gifted him that in 2009, as we know Federer would never have beaten Nadal at Roland Garros.
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