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Originally Posted by mellowyellow View Post

As I remember the French media had said he was implicated when the entire Puerto scandal broke, that seems VERY Lance like to me. The Spanish Govt has blocked any effort to uncover who those people are/were. Why did Nadal not follow through with his law suit? Simple answer is the evidence locked away by the Spanish govt would have to be made public to clear his name. Thats why no follow through, thats why no pressure with a law suit, the French made no public apology for "defamation" on Nadal regarding PED use and Puerto involvement. The ball was in his court and he is still holding it.
Oh my lord. You've really ventured into the looney tunes zone now.

Your memory is very selective. The French media is hardly an authoritative source. They speculated he was involved? There are still people who speculate that the earth is flat.

"Lance like" is when multiple people come forward and claim they have solid first hand knowledge of Lance doing drugs. There has never ever been a hint of any teammate or any person claiming they have knowledge of Rafa doing drugs of any sort. The only remote implication is a Belgian guy who has a reputation for being a sore misfit questioning how Rafa could play two five set matches in a slam.

The Spanish government has NOT blocked efforts to uncover who was involved. They have investigated and are currently prosecuting the doctor involved. Spain is bidding for the 2020 Olympics and have gone to extraordinary lengths to clean up any supposed drug problems in order to remove the suspicions about their drug program enforcement. WADA has praised them for their efforts and they have met all IOC requirements. Spanish authorities released a statement years ago that Rafa was NOT on any list they uncovered in the Puerto investigation.

What Rafa lawsuit? Are you talking about taking action against the French press for publishing those ridiculous stories from Noah? Rafa never ever threatened a lawsuit. He tried to convince people to ignore the nonsense and not give the ***** disturbers any publicity. The Spanish Olympic organization threatened a lawsuit because they felt the whole Spanish athletic community had been impugned but I must admit I don't know if they ever followed through with that threat or if they did where it stands now.

There is NO evidence locked away implicating Rafa in any drug scandal. There is only ridiculous garbage like you are spewing which has absolutely no basis in fact. You disgust me with your ugly gossip and rumors.
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