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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
As with most situations like this, I find it hard to pass judgement either way without actually being there to see exactly what happened. My gut feeling would be unless he had a large number of kids, why does he need all 4 courts in the first place?
You have a good point. It think it was pretty easy to pass judgment on the OP just because of they way he presented the situation here and clearly defined himself as someone who welcomes classless confrontation. At least it didn't escalate to violence but I have a feeling it could have given the coach and OP's need to one up each other with the sophomoric behavior. That would have been a great message to the kids above and beyond what they already learned up to that point. I wish there would have been a real adult there who could have mediated and shown these kids the proper way to handle the situation. Not saying it could have been me, but obviously sharper people were needed. I have a hard time getting past the poor execution on both sides when there are children involved ... no matter what. The issue of who had rights to the court is VERY secondary at this point.
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