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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
I concur that an offer of $35 is reasonable based on recent sales and the relatively low demand of this racquet and such contemptuous remarks are not warranted.
I finally have my new Graphite Pro 90 strung with Topspin @52lb (main) and Gosen OG sheep 17 @55lb (cross). This racquet provides great comfort and stability. I did not detect any noticeable vibration and twist against heavy balls. I was able to hit with heavy pace and directional control, placing the ball as intended. Most shots landed near the baseline. As expected, the racquet does not have as much power. A full swing is needed. Volleys were easy to punch through. Serves were consistent but not much pace. Spins were easily accessible on serves, backhands and forehands. I enjoyed the racquet the most on returns because of the ease of putting the balls with pace where I wanted.
I would consider U$35.00 for a nice Graphite Pro a fair offer nowadays.
You may end up paying around U$50.00 if it's near mint but he is asking n.o.s. prices for a used racket.
Three years ago, maybe he could have fetched U$70.00 to U$80.00 but not today..!!
2x MAX 200G PRO, Nat.Gut/Ferry Force Super Touch at 58 lbs.
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