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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
tbuggle I have never used a Stringway either but it appears to me you are leaving out an important point. The Stringway is an automatic drop weight and you are speaking of it as through all drop weights (including automatics) are hard to use.
I never said it was hard to use, and to be honest if they would incorporate that DW mechanism into a Gamma style upright (I like the mounting, etc) machine I might be all over it. True, I have only used a traditional DW, they aren't hard to use either.

It seems that while having a "good" thing with the auto DW/CP, they have left lots to be desired in mounting and clamping. Stopped halfway, IMO (and others have mentioned this as well.....the mounting and clamping).

Certainly it's a fine machine, but why not go all the way with it?
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