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Originally Posted by unorthodox stringing View Post
Is there more spin?

The most surprising result most people encounter at low tension is the loss of power. To me, it felt like the soft stringbed absorbed all the power so the ball is not compressed much. The trampoline I had expected with synthetic gut at 30lbs did not happen at all.

For the hybrid you did, I would think the very low "stretchability" of the poly could have dampened the power even more. At least synthetic gut would stretch and rebound.

Would you consider trying full synthetic gut at 30lbs?
Probably more spin but nothing extraordinary. Definitely hit a deeper ball. It will hit with it some more but it's not actually particularly comfortable. Less so than the same frame with syngut at 50. Also feels like a good 10-15mph less on serve.

I will try syngut at 30 at some point.
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