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Default My re-gripping tip....

....I just thought I would pass on a positive idea/experience I had when re-gripping a racket.

I always find on grips that the trimmed bit at the beginning of the grip is always rubbish. Too narrow, poor adhesive and rarely lined up to the narrow part of the grip very well.

Here's my tip/solution. Gently pull away about that first inch of sticky tape on the grip and cut that bit of tape off. Then, get some decent double-sided tape (Scotch make a good one). Cut a small piece, about the same inch length and put it on the butt where you want to start your wrapping. Then start your wrapping process.

No need for staples and this gives you a really good, firm start. I find the beginning part of wrapping the most important and this will give you a floorless start.

I hope this helps. It certainly helped me.
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