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Lets take a who should be scrutinize base on fishiness as provided by one of the article links on the original post

Skip the Olympics (which has much stricter drug testing) in your prime for any dubious reason and you're on the list.

Enjoy your best season in years in your late 30s, four or five years after your last "best season," and you're on the list.
Fed while not having a best season did win a major at his "grandfather" age

If you're a skinny dude who miraculously managed to add 20 pounds of muscle to your scarecrow frame, you're on the list.
None I think think of at the moment

If you chopped down the recovery time of a debilitating injury to something that just didn't seem possible a year ago, you're on the list.
None I think think of at the moment

If you were really good and really ripped at a really young age, and now your body is breaking down much sooner than it should be breaking down, you're on the list.

If you're exhibiting a level of superhuman endurance that has little correlation to the endurance of any of your competitors, you're on the list.

Even though i'm a fed fan, i'll throw out one more
- Competing highly in an dubious era (a la lance armstrong)
Fed, Murray, Nadal, Novak

While it does seem like half the posts are finger pointing at their favorite players competition, the more doubts we can cast on the sport means more pressure from the fan base. And hopefully with more pressure from fans, the sporting organization will do something about this.
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