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Continue to point out factual errors since there's no point discussing opinions.

........random giberish about seeded players in a dead WTA of 2010 and 2011......
I already pointed out Myskina beat prime Henin, peak Mauresmo, prime Clijsters, and prime Davenport to win her two tier 1 equivalents (and one time a tier 2 equivalent right before one). Who did Wozniacki beat en route to any of her tournament titles that impressive. Unless you have an actual answer for that, not some nonsense about beating such and such a seed in an era Radwanska reaches World #2 and Wozniacki and Safina reach World #1, then spare more of the completely useless nonsense.

You were asking if anyone else besides me and TMF believes that Wozniacki career was better than any of the one-slam winners.
Kvitova is one of the poorest 1 slam winners, and the vast majority by an enormous margin (even on Planet TW which is full of ****s and Woztards galore) believe her career to be better than Wozniacki. Draw your own conclusion.
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