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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
It was because Carlos Bernardes UNFAIRLY gave Nadal a warning for a time violation, even though Nadal didn't break any rules. Carlos Bernardes has bullied Nadal in this manner before (I believe it's a matter of personal dislike), and it's absolutely disgusting. Carlos Bernardes is the worst umpire I have ever seen in the history of tennis. He should have received some sort of ban from the ATP (he may have already received numerous fines if ATP officials are starting to pick up on this). I'm glad Nadal gave him a good talking to after the match, just like at the World Tour Finals against Berdych in 2010 (in the Round Robin matches).

Drama Queen alert. He did deserve his time violation warning and he better learns from it. Your bullying comment is laughable, and not worthy of further comment.
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