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Originally Posted by tennis4 View Post
Normally how slow (speed) do you slide the tension head? I heard the actual tension from a LO is lower than a CP, how do you address this?

I am getting a Prince NEOS 1000. Like its simple design and low maintenance. I've used a X-2 for a while so this is new to me.
I take more than one, but less than 5 seconds to crank a string. Probably about three seconds. Not too slow, but not too fast. Find something, a pace, which you can repeat easily, over and over.

Next, you want to also clamp off your strings in an equally repeatable pace.

After that, you'll have to decide what gives you the reults you like, tension-wise (compared to your DW?).

If you still have the x-2, you could string rackets on each and see where they settle and come up with an adjustment factor if you must.
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