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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
String the center strings first, these are the black strings in Lendl's racket. You are going to have a short side (5 mains on one side only) and a long side (5 mains on the other side and 12 center crosses 4th-15th.) This will leave you the top 3 and bottom 5 crosses and the three outside mains on each side. Start on the bottom string three outside main on one side. you will need a starting clamp for this. You will end up at top string the top three crosses you will end up on the side missing three mains at the top. string the three outside mains and you will end at the bottom. string you bottom crosses and tie off.
Looking at the picture and reading your directions, I'm not sure where you tied off your short side main.

After you strung the black strings, Did you start the white mains from the inside going out (like normal) or outside going in?
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