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Originally Posted by tennis4 View Post
Normally how slow (speed) do you slide the tension head? I heard the actual tension from a LO is lower than a CP, how do you address this? ...
How slow you turn the crank determines how much stretch you take out of the string befor it locks out. Just do it the same each time. If a LO locks at 60 pounds it will do it over and over and over again. 60 pounds is 60 pounds no matter what it is pulled with. If a CP pulls at a higher tension it is overshoot or out of adjustment.

Here is why a LO normally produces a softer stringbed than a CP. when the tensioner locks out the string is help in the position it was in when the lock out occurred and no FUTHER stretching is done. Just clamp off and you are on to the next string. Nothing wrong with that as it produces a consistent string job.

When a CP pulls tension the stringer must then remove the last clamped string and move the clamps to the string being tensioned and clamp it. All the while while this is being done the CP continues to stretch the string as it relaxes so the string continues to be stretched. If you want to try to duplicate that process with a LO pull more than one time.

Here is a video showing that process:

If you want you can just pull once. If the string bed is too soft for you increase your tension. First things first though just start stringing and see how you like it when you are more familiar with the machine you can start refining your process to get more consistent. Don't think too much this is fun not work. LOL For some of us.
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