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Ever since I started playing tennis, I have hit very flat and hard with little spin. Flat swing plane. Follow through across the body. Almost zero low-to-high. However, I reached a peak and am unable to beat several 4.0 players. Even though I am highly accurate and hit very hard, 4.0 opponents don't have an issue dealing with my pace.

For that reason, in the last month, I have been reworking my forehand to a topspin forehand. I have changed my grip from an Eastern grip to a Modified/Extreme Eastern. I am learning how to "break" my wrist and make it passive. I am trying to swing very fast and loose with a lot of low-to-high on every shot.

I find myself framing a lot of balls. I have lost matches to several 3.5s who I would have crushed with my flat forehand. But when I hit a heavy topspin shot correctly, none of my opponents have been able to handle it. So I'm sticking with it.

I'm hoping after after a few months of practice and matches, my forehand is effective enough to be able to compete with 4.0s again.
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