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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Sounded like the kids were just using half of the court, since you just seemingly invited yourself onto the other half of the court. Waited for the kids to lose control and retrieve their balls, then "claim" the court to yourself.

1) Kindly ask the kids and the coach if you guys can use half of the court to rally and warm-up until they're done, EVEN if you had to wait until 11.

2) I wouldn't mock the coach.

3) If the coach is really being a jerk about it, be the bigger man and walk away.

4) There are kids there, be a positive example. Don't inspired them to be booting people off the court.

5) If I had a friend with me, I wouldn't embarrass him along with myself.

Just to name a few.
I've been reading a lot of criticisms like this, that I should have behaved in a more respectful manner in the presence of the children.

I am not a believer in this hyper-protectionist mentality we as a society seem to have regarding children, that they must be shielded from any and all hint of conflict and danger. We don't live in a fantasy world, and children shouldn't be led to believe that we do. Being thrown out into the world at 18 completely unprepared for the depressing reality of life is detrimental; significantly more detrimental than the supposed threat of jungle gyms and TV/video game violence.

Pray tell, what would have been the message to the kids, had I just conceded and left after the coach made his case? The message would have been that, to get what you want, all you have to do is throw your weight around (literally and figuratively, in this coach's case) and people will give in. That is not a lesson that is wise or moral to disseminate to our youth.

If anything, they were better off witnessing someone willing to stand up for what is right, rather than backing down in the face of adversity.
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