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Default multi/multi users out there?

This kind of setup doesn't seem to be popular, but lately I've had some arm issues and tried two multis in a hybrid. Rip control 17 mains, NXT 17 crosses (in a BLX 6.1 95, strung at 57) .

Comfort is exceptional, touch on volleys is much better than with any multi/poly setup, and I get more than enough spin, control and power on grounstrokes. Thin gauges help with spin, touch and comfort, RIP helps to tame the power and add control, and the explosive power and control of NXT is there when I need to rip a forehand DTL.

I used to play with RPM Blast 18 mains and NXT 17 (or RIP 17) in crosses, but I prefer the multi setup. NXT breaks first, but I get at least 10-12 hours of play, which is enough for me at that price.

Do you know (or use?) any multi/multi setup? Which combination is the best in your opinion?

**As a side topic: I find that 16 and 17 gauge of the same string are often two completely different strings. This is particularly true for NXT and RIP Control. 17 being much better in both cases.
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